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Tree Doctors in Sun Lakes, AZ

Your local, professional tree health specialists in Sun Lakes, AZ. Whether you need trusted tree service, soil management, fertilization services, or pest control, we're here to provide you with a quality and individualized treatment plan. Contact us today to get a free tree health evaluation!

Do You Have Sick Trees in Sun Lakes, AZ?

Tree health care should be taken case by case. That's why we bring the scientific method into everything we do, observing and diagnosing every tree before we prescribe any treatment plan:

  • Tree disease treatments specific to the individual plant species.
  • Pest control aimed to eliminate specific pests and prevent their return.
  • Fertilization services and soil management with thorough and precise testing.

In all we do, we set the standard for Sun Lakes' tree service industry. Contact us to see how we can help your trees today.


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Professional Tree Service in Sun Lakes, AZ

Trees are a significant investment of your time and money. When they're wilted, yellowed, or sick, don't get out the ax. Our team of professional tree doctors in Sun Lakes, AZ, brings over 25+ years of experience in tree and plant health care. We implement specialized tools and methods to get your trees healthy again. Our treatment plans are clearly communicated and flexible to your decisions and needs.

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Get A Trusted Tree Health Specialist in Sun Lakes, AZ

Beautify your trees; beautify your home. Unhealthy trees can become a point of contention with your homeowner's association, an eyesore in the neighborhood, and an expensive hassle to maintain. At Valley Tree Feeders - Sun Lakes, Arizona's trusted tree doctors - we provide a permanent solution to raising trees that are happy, healthy, and, most of all, green!