Plant Health Care

How Our Tree Care Process Works

We follow this four-step process that uses the scientific method to optimize the health of your trees so that you can enjoy a happy, healthy backyard oasis.



First, we carefully examine the trees to evaluate the symptoms and diagnose the underlying health problems that need to be solved.


Plan Creation

Second, we create a customized plan for your trees that will address the three most important categories: Pest and Disease Management, Fertilization, and Soil Optimization.



Third, our highly trained technicians apply the desired treatments to the trees utilizing specialized tools and techniques we developed with over twenty years of research and innovation.



During regular intervals, we return to observe the status of the trees, and how they responded to the treatments that were applied. We then make any necessary adjustments to the plan, and proceed accordingly. By continuing to monitor the trees on a consistent basis, we ensure they are staying on track and continue to bring joy and beauty to your oasis.

Bring Your Trees to Life

At Valley Tree Care, we believe your trees shouldn’t only survive—they should thrive! Learn more about how you can turn your backyard into a lush oasis with flourishing, healthy trees.